November 18, 2020

Cool-weather has arrived in South Elgin, IL, which means that you’ll be turning to your heat pump for indoor comfort. Most of the time, heat pumps are quiet. If you suddenly notice an increase in how much noise your heat pump makes, you might wonder if something is wrong. Here are four reasons why your heat pump is louder than expected.

1. Defrost Cycle

After transferring heat into your home for a while, the heat pump’s coils may get too cold. The system’s reversing valve triggers a defrost cycle. The switch to the defrost function can be loud. The defrost cycle usually lasts for 10 to 15 minutes.

2. Debris in Outdoor Unit

A tree branch, dried leaves, or other material may have fallen into the outdoor unit’s housing. Each time there’s a heating cycle, the fan will run into it. Over time, this can bend or damage the fan’s blades. Only a professional should remove debris from the outdoor unit.

3. Worn or Damaged Air Handler Parts

If you hear loud indoor noise from the heat pump, there could be an air handler problem. A belt, electrical part, or motor could be worn or damaged. Indoor noises need professional attention for the proper diagnosis of the problem.

4. Loose Ducts

Loud noise from inside your home could be a problem with the air ducts. The connection between the ducts and the air handler could be loose or damaged. Segments of the ducts may be loose, bent, or rusted. There could also be debris inside the ducts, such as animal nesting material or a tool from a recent repair or maintenance visit. Duct repairs may be needed to eliminate the extra noise.

At Cool Operator, we’re proud to be your trusted provider of heat pump repairs in South Elgin. We also offer dependable heating and air conditioning maintenance, repair, replacement, and installation services. Customers count on us for indoor air quality solutions, too. For additional details about why your heat pump is so loud, call us at Cool Operator today.

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