Exceptional Bartlett AC Maintenance

    At Cool Operator, we encourage our customers in Bartlett, IL, to schedule their AC maintenance with us at least once a year. This maintenance is vital for a well-functioning system.

    AC Maintenance in Bartlett, IL By spotting potential issues, we help you save money. Plus, you get to remain comfortable in your home year-round.

    Your neighbors pick us because we:
    • Are family owned and operated
    • Offer trusted, experienced services
    • Are award-winning
    • Offer services on all makes and models
    • Are EPA certified

    Our business opened in 2007. Since then, we’ve earned numerous awards, but we’re determined to continue to raise the bar for service in our area. We always put your best interests first, and are proud to bring you the very best in AC tune-up services and more.

    AC Tune-Up in Bartlett, IL

    Trusted AC Tune-Ups in Bartlett

    Maintenance on an AC system is not a small task. That is why we believe it is a job best left to professionals like us. The point of maintenance for your heating, ventilation and air conditioning system is to extend its life. It is a preventative measure that includes an AC tune-up for your Bartlett system. An HVAC system is expensive. Most of our customers see it as an investment that can deliver a tidy return if it is cared for.

    This job includes several steps:
    • Replacing the air filter
    • Checking the thermostat
    • Inspecting the connections
    • Inspecting the drains
    • Checking the system controls

    Once the process is complete, our technicians can determine if any repairs or replacements are necessary. They can also connect anything that may loose, refill the refrigerant levels and ensure there are no clogs in the drainage system, ensuring the system should be good to go for another season. No detail is spared. After every step is completed, the entire unit is tested. Our team is listening for odd noises and trying to pick up any smells like burning. They will not leave if they believe something could be loose or worn out. A well-working system leads to improved indoor air quality, lower energy costs and a minimized carbon footprint.

    Regular AC Maintenance in Bartlett, IL

    Experienced AC Tune-Up Specialists

    To give you peace of mind, our technicians will answer any questions you may have before and after service. You can trust our crew to be friendly while respecting your property.

    For more information about our services in Bartlett, IL, contact us today. We will schedule an appointment and get the job done to your expectations. Not looking for AC maintenance? We also offer AC installations, repairs, and even heating maintenance!