January 5, 2021

A necessary part of the global climate, water vapor can have a major effect on our health and wellness. Most people know humidity, a measure of water vapor concentrations, because it makes hot summer days notoriously miserable. Few think about humidity as it relates to cold weather. You should take just as much notice to the humidity in your home during winter as you would during summer.

How Do Humidifiers Work?

Most humidifiers take the form of evaporative humidifiers. These humidifiers contain just three central components: a reservoir, fan and wicking filter.

After plugging the humidifier in, you’ll fill its reservoir with cold water. During use, the reservoir slowly drips water into a wide pan. The wicking filter, a simple cloth or paper filter with tons of holes in it, transfers water from the basin near the fan. These filters are filled with a network of holes to make water evaporate faster.

The other side of the wicking filter is directly underneath or next to a fan, which increases the rate of evaporation and spreads water vapor throughout your home.

Say Goodbye to Airborne Pathogens

Admittedly, humidifiers aren’t a catch-all for stopping viruses. However, one study found that the influenza virus doesn’t live as long in environments with high humidity when compared to low-humidity environments.

Considering winter weather typically has low humidity, a humidifier could prevent viruses like influenza from taking over your home this winter.

Shortens the Life of Colds

Colds often involve coughs. These coughs are typically wet because the body hawks up phlegm. High-humidity environments can make wet coughs more productive. In simple terms, this means you could spend less time with a cough.

Lower Your Utility Bills

The higher the humidity, the warmer a room feels. By definition, heaters pull humidity out of homes. Although you should never swap a heater for a humidifier, using a humidifier could lessen your reliance on your heater. In turn, this could reduce your utility bills.

Look No Further for Top-Tier Humidifiers

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