Duct Cleaning in Bartlett, IL At Cool Operator, we have a team of professionals that the residents of Bartlett, IL, know they can turn to for duct and vent cleaning. Now that summer is here and your AC is running around the clock, the last thing you want to worry about is poor air quality or circulation. Duct cleaning can solve that. We understand that your ducts can quickly build up dust, pollen and a lot of other undesirable particulates. Our technicians can get in and complete the job promptly and efficiently. Whether you live near Hawk Hollow or on the west side of the Fox River, we can help bring comfort to your home.

Experienced Duct Cleaning in Bartlett

Regular maintenance of your heating and cooling systems should include periodic cleaning of the vents and ducts. Even with regular filter cleaning, dust, pollen, pet fur and even mold can be trapped in the ductwork and eventually wreak havoc on your immune system. You may not notice that your ducts are dirty until it’s too late. If left alone, your duct system can become a petri dish of unwanted particles. All of these issues can contribute to asthma attacks, allergies and other illnesses. The technicians from Cool Operator will inspect your entire duct system to find and clean the places where particulates collect.

Cleaning your ductwork can help reduce the presence of various unwanted substances:

  • Pet dander
  • Pollen and allergens
  • Dust and airborne contaminants
  • Residue from recent remodeling activity

There are signs that it’s time for duct and vent cleaning. First and foremost, an increased amount of dust in your home is a dead giveaway that your vents need cleaning. A musty odor coming from your vents is also an indication. Evidence of rodent activity in your ducts and throughout your home is another sign. While unpleasant to think about, rodent droppings spreading through your home can lead to severe health issues. One easily missed symptom that your system needs duct cleaning is increased energy costs. Dust buildup can lead to your HVAC system running less efficiently. When it’s forced to work harder, it uses more energy.

Vent Cleaning You Can Trust

Cool Operator has a positive reputation in Bartlett thanks to the high quality of our customer service. We take pride in giving our customers personalized attention they can trust. In 2010, we received The Daily Herald’s Readers’ Choice Award, and we’re an Angi Super Service Award winner. We’re certified by the EPA, and our technicians can work on all makes and models of HVAC equipment.

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If you’ve noticed excess dust or a musty odor in your ducts, call Cool Operator today to inspect and clean your system. Be sure to contact us for all of your heating and cooling needs as well!