Top Furnace Installation Experts in Geneva, IL A furnace replacement for your home in Geneva, IL is a big step and one you don’t undertake lightly. It’s probably not the right course to pursue if repairing your old system would be more cost-effective. However, sometimes that’s just not the case. If your furnace is simply too old or the expense of fixing it amounts to half the cost of a new heating system, you should discuss the situation with one of our experts from Cool Operator who thoroughly understands the furnace installation process. In the meantime, we hope the information here will address some of your questions and concerns.

    Furnace Installation Experts in Geneva

    One good way to determine if a malfunctioning furnace should be repaired or replaced is to consider its age. Gas furnaces can last 15 to 20 years while electric furnaces tend to last longer, sometimes as much as 30 years if they’re well maintained. However, it’s not unknown for furnaces to break down completely after just 10 years or so.

    You know better than anyone else how much you’ve spent so far on repairs. If these have not prevented your furnace from short-cycling, cycling for extremely long periods, or blowing out nothing but lukewarm air, then the choice becomes clear. A new system will arguably save you money in the long run, both by lowering your energy bill and sparing you the need for repairs.

    Have a technician come over to help you determine what kind of furnace would work best for you. There are several factors involved.
    • The layout and square footage of your home
    • The number of people who occupy the space
    • Your home’s insulation and the number of windows
    • Your personal preferences and your budget

    To calculate heat loss, the technician will need to find out how many windows are in your home, how much sun exposure the home gets, and how much insulation there is, among other things. These things and the size of the space to be heated are important points because you don’t want to be stuck with an oversized or undersized furnace. The former will short-cycle, and the latter will never reach your set point. Either would wear itself out quickly. The technician will also ask about any upgrades you want, such as the purchase of a smart thermostat.

    Geneva’s Source for Furnace Replacement

    Geneva's Source for Furnace Replacement Once you’ve decided on an appropriate system, we can install it in a day. If you’re ready to go with a furnace installation in Geneva, depend on our team at Cool Operator. Ours is a family-owned and -operated company located in South Elgin on North La Fox Street, and we can easily travel to your home. We’re an Angi Super Service Award winner, and we have a wide selection of products that carry the EPA’s ENERGY STAR label.

    Contact our office today for more details. We are also available for furnace repair and maintenance.

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    Not looking to replace your furnace? We also offer AC installation to keep you cool in the summer.