Expert Heating Installation in Schaumberg, IL The time may or may not have come for a heating installation at your home in Schaumburg, IL, but you’ll want to know for sure. Cool Operator can send one of our technicians who deal in heating replacement to help you weigh your options after determining just how far gone the current heater is. Here are some signs of a seriously malfunctioning system.

    Naturally, the first indication is poor performance. Has your heat pump or furnace been short-cycling? Or does it run for an excruciatingly long time to reach your desired temperature? Does it blow out lukewarm air? Have you heard any disturbing noises like grinding, screeching, or hissing? If multiple repairs have not fixed these problems, then you’ll want to start searching for a replacement.

    Other signs follow from these. You might experience unusually high energy bills, for instance, which demonstrate just how inefficient the system has become. You might also notice poor indoor air quality, reflected in high humidity and worsening allergy and asthma symptoms. Last but not least, consider your heater’s age. Heat pumps and gas furnaces can last 15 to 20 years while electric furnaces may reach 30 years. Long before that, though, they can manifest problems, especially if they’re not maintained.

    A Summary of Heating Installation

    Once you’ve determined that you need a replacement, you’ll have to wade through the various options out there. What brand do you want, for example? And do you want to make the most of the smart home technology that’s available? These are things you can discuss with our technicians.

    They’ll start by doing several things.
    • Performing a load calculation on your home
    • Measuring the size of your living space
    • Measuring the rate of heat loss
    • Presenting options that fit these measurements

    When it comes to heating installation in Schaumburg, one size does not fit all, nor do bigger heaters naturally do their job more efficiently. An oversized or undersized heating system won’t provide you with efficient results, and it will wear out prematurely. In any event, our technician will help you make an informed decision. The installation itself may take half a day.

    Heating Replacement Done Right in Schaumburg

    Heating Replacement Done Right in Schaumburg Established in 2007, Cool Operator has quickly become a trusted name for heating replacement in the Schaumburg area. Our office is in South Elgin on North La Fox Street, not far from the South Elgin Dam that goes across the Fox River. Our technicians will punctually arrive for your appointment, and once we all agree that you need a new system, we’ll present you with products that boast the ENERGY STAR label. Being a family-owned and -operated company, we’ll treat you to warm, personalized care.

    To schedule your consultation or to ask any questions, call today! We also help with furnace repair and maintenance.

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