October 20, 2020

Winter temperatures seem to arrive suddenly in South Elgin, IL. That’s why now is the time to get your furnace ready for the cold weather. An important part of furnace maintenance is changing the air filter. Read on for some tips on how to change a furnace filter.

Locate and Inspect the Air Filter

Before changing the furnace filter, turn off the furnace. It’s wise to wait until the end of a heating cycle. You can turn off the furnace at the thermostat, with its power switch or at your circuit breaker. Next, locate the filter. It’s usually in a chamber or housing at the front of the furnace. Open the housing. This might require a screwdriver. Slide the filter out of its housing. If you see dust or debris or it’s more than three months old, remove the filter. Dispose of it in the trash.

Insert the New Filter

Slide a clean filter into the chamber. Make sure it’s properly oriented. Filters usually have a directional arrow on the frame to help you properly position it in the housing. Close the housing door, and replace any screws that you removed or loosened in order to access the filter chamber. Restore power to the furnace.

How Often to Change the Furnace Filter

You should check the furnace filter every month. Plan to do it on the same day of each month, such as the 10th or on the first Saturday of every month. This helps you remember to do it. Also, write the date on the filter when you replace it. This helps you remember how old it is. At minimum, replace the furnace filter every three months. When the furnace is in frequent use, the filter will quickly get dirty.

Cool Operator is proud to be South Elgin’s trusted source for furnace maintenance. We also offer heating and air conditioning tune-ups, repairs, replacements and installations. You can count on us for indoor air quality solutions, new construction and remodeling, too. For additional tips on how to change a furnace filter, give us at Cool Operator a call today.

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