February 11, 2020

Your furnace is likely one of the simplest systems in your home. Despite this, it can be dangerous if installed improperly or if something malfunctions. This is why understanding the system is so important and why it can help you stay warm and safe.

Understanding Furnace Basics

The idea behind a furnace is to warm air and distribute it throughout the space it serves, be it a commercial building or home. This is simple enough in concept. Here is how it works:

It starts with the furnace warming air, usually using natural gas. The furnace receives a signal to start, creating heat in the combustion chamber.

That air moves up to a heat exchanger through which the air from the home passes. This exchanger is typically made of metal but has to allow air to flow through it.

The circulating fan draws air from inside the home and through the heat exchanger. This fan not only draws colder air in but also forces it out back through the ductwork and into the house.

Understanding the basic system is simple. Keep in mind, however, that there are many more components that make your furnace run effectively that could malfunction.

Knowing When to Call a Professional

Some issues with a furnace are simple enough to fix. This could include low airflow due to clogged furnace filters or dying thermostat batteries.

However, when your furnace fails to ignite, or if the circulating or exhaust fans fail, you will want to call trained professionals. The fact that your furnace relies on a combustible gas to do its job makes it inherently dangerous to try to fix certain issues if you do not know what you are doing.

Furnaces are generally safe when working correctly. However, if something that helps regulate the gas flow or the burn operation malfunctions, the danger becomes real.

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