May 5, 2021
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Many homeowners in South Elgin, IL, wonder how many watts of power their air conditioners consume. This is important to know because it has a direct impact on your monthly electricity bill. The number of watts your air conditioner uses is directly related to its capacity. Read on to learn how many watts air conditioners use for their different functions.

Central Air Conditioning Watt Usage While Cooling

A typical central air conditioning system that is 3.5 tons in size uses about 3,500 watts of power. This size of air conditioner would be the right capacity for cooling an average two-story, single-family home with three bedrooms and two bathrooms. If your home is larger or has high ceilings, a great room, or a unique layout, your air conditioner may have a higher capacity and use more watts of power. To know exactly how many watts of power your air conditioner uses, refer to the owner’s manual.

Central Air Conditioning Watt Usage Fan Only

When the nighttime temperatures cool off, you might be able to switch your air conditioning system to the fan-only function. This setting doesn’t cycle the coolant through the system. It only operates the air handler’s fan. Running the fan could improve your home’s indoor air quality. The fan won’t remove humidity or cool the air. When set to fan only, your central air conditioner uses about 750 watts of power.

Window Air Conditioner Watt Usage

A small window air conditioner sized to cool one bedroom uses about 500 watts of power. If you have a medium-size window air conditioner for cooling an attic, garage, or studio apartment, it will use about 900 watts of power.

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