June 21, 2021
AC resetting in South Elgin, Illinois

The challenges that you face with your air conditioning might not be as unique as you think, for something as simple as resetting your unit can resolve your issues. Rebooting is a trick that technicians use to minimize your need for repairs or new installations.

Now If You Need to Reset All of the Time …

Before restarting your unit a second or third time, ask yourself about the troubles it’s having. An AC unit that operates with the same malfunction each time needs maintenance service or repairs. Restarting your unit is safe and simple, but it’s only a remedy for basic, non-repeating issues. Having to reset multiple times a year is a cause for giving us a call.

Why Your AC Must Sit a While Without Power

Restarting your unit is, at its heart, mainly about shutting its power off and getting that power supply to dissipate. A malfunction within your active unit will continue if its parts continue to receive power though they’re not moving properly. Releasing stored power in a cooling unit, in a sense, cleans the memory of that unit, forcing it to revert back to its intended function after a reset.

Where to Turn Your Power Supply Off

The power supply of your AC unit is controlled at either your circuit breaker, a reset button, or the power switch on your compressor. It’s helpful to your AC, but shutting its power off is also a safety measure for you. Consider the following as you prepare to reset your unit:

  • Plan ahead
  • Protect your person
  • Find the breaker
  • Dissipate your power

Let Us Bring Our AC Technicians to Your Door

Cool Operator of Illinois resets your AC unit in an effort to find larger issues. If your AC isn’t the focus now, ask for duct cleaning or humidifier installations. By offering heating and cooling services, we hope that you find our team to be your extended family. Contact us today.

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