March 9, 2021

You shouldn’t feel a gas smell around your furnace unless the gas furnace is faulty. Therefore, you probably have a gas leak if you can smell propane or gas around your furnace. The smell could also be a sign of a dead rodent in the attic. Anything with a rotten smell around your gas necessitates the need of an HVAC expert. Call your gas company as soon as you notice a gas smell around your furnace for your safety.

When the Smell Isn’t a Serious Thing

Keep in mind that a faint gas smell is not something to be concerned about. If you are using the furnace for the first time in a long time, you will likely smell a faint gas smell. It is due to dust burning up as the furnace gets back into use. You may also sense a faint gas smell when the furnace kicks on, but it will eventually go away. You should also not get worried if you smell gas blowing back in the window. It is a sign of gas distribution out of the house, but the window kicks it back in, but it will go away after some time.

When the Smell Is a Serious Thing

You can tell when the gas smell is a serious thing if it persists or worsens over time. If you smell gas from your furnace’s ventilation or hear a noticeable hissing sound after turning the gas, get out of the house immediately. Open your windows to let the gas out as you wait for the gas company or HVAC professionals to arrive. Avoid turning on any appliances if your notice a strong gas smell around the furnace. Also, don’t flip on light switches or light a match or lighter to avoid creating a spark that could ignite the entire house. Call a professional immediately to check on the furnace for any faults and repairs. Usually, the furnace heat exchanger is the culprit for most cases of gas leaks.

Leave It to the Pros

The gas smell from your furnace can be scary and risky. South Elgin residents can call us for immediate action. Follow up with our professionals for HVAC service and restore your home’s comfort. We are also experts in cooling services, indoor air quality, thermostat installations, and maintenance programs. Please make sure to call Cool Operator for more information on air conditioning and furnaces. Allow us to troubleshoot the furnace on your behalf!

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