July 28, 2021
Bugs in AC in South Elgin, IL

If your air conditioner has no seal, or if the seal has been compromised, the chances of bugs getting into your home through the AC unit are very high. The last thing that South Elgin residents want is to fight with bugs in the middle of the night. Here are ways that you can prevent bugs from coming in through the air conditioning.

1. Use Duct Tape

To instantly seal any visible cracks, including the hairline spaces, use duct tape. If the gaps you have pinpointed are more than an inch thick, duct tape will not work. It should only be used for small cracks.

2. Caulk Gaps

Caulk refers to a flexible sealant that can fill any form of gap and also seal joints. Caulk is the best choice if your AC has some deep cracks below or above it.

3. Stop Water Leakage

Bugs such as cockroaches are always hunting for water. If your home has damp places, they will provide a wonderful home for insects to live and breed. Be sure to check your AC unit for any leaks. If you notice any, take your time and patch them up. Also, make sure that the ductwork is tightly closed.

4. Use Cardboard

One of the cheapest ways to seal your AC is through the use of cardboard. Buy cardboard and cut it in a way that it fits in and covers every hole. Ensure that all of the edges are sealed so that even the smallest animals cannot penetrate.

5. Use Paper Towels

If you want to prevent bugs from coming into your home, manipulate thick paper towels so that they fit into any hole around the AC unit. Then, insert multiple folds of paper towels in these gaps until there are no spaces left.

If you have tried to deal with the bugs coming inside your home through the air conditioner, but the above tips are not working, we will help. At Cool Operator, we offer high-quality heating and cooling services as well as duct cleaning and indoor air quality to South Elgin residents. Contact us today to schedule an appointment.

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