April 5, 2021
Air Conditioner

You are likely to run your air conditioner more as you get into summer. South Elgin residents need a functional air conditioner to deal with the humid summers. Therefore, strange AC noises should be a concern for every South Elgin resident. Don’t ignore any unusual noise from your air conditioning system. Instead, schedule an appointment with a professional to prevent the minor issue from escalating into a costly AC replacement. Here are some common AC noises and their causes.

Screaming Sounds

It’s not normal to hear a high-pitched screaming or hissing noise from the AC after turning it on. The sound often lasts for a few seconds, like ten, before stopping. The cooling system might frequently turn back on or shut down completely. The common cause for this is a failing or faulty compressor. High pressure could probably be building up in the air conditioning unit, causing the compressor to produce a screaming sound.

Rattling Noises

A rattling sound from the AC unit is often disruptive and loud. A common reason why your AC unit is producing a rattling noise is because of debris build-up. Check your AC system for trapped rocks, twigs, or other debris. Rattling noises also originate from the interior unit, and loose air ducts could be the cause. Call an experienced HVAC technician to diagnose the issue and fix it.

Banging, Clanging, or Knocking Noises

Usually, you may notice a banging or knocking sound when the outdoor unit runs. The loud sounds could also happen after you turn on the thermostat. The reason behind a clanging or knocking sound from the air conditioner is the presence of an obstructer that the fan could be hitting. It could also be due to a loose fan.

Grinding Noises

You might hear a grinding sound during the end, startup, or operation of a cooling cycle. It is a sign of blower motor bearing problems. The good thing is that you can realize these problems during regular maintenance, and a professional technician can fix the issue.

When your home’s air conditioner starts making unusual sounds, call our certified professionals to check on the system. We will assess your system, diagnose the cause of the strange and loud noises, and repair it. Our technicians also offer maintenance programs, thermostat installations, indoor air quality services, humidifier services, and electric furnace services. Give Cool Operator a call today for help with your air conditioning noises.

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